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Ride in Breck, Day 2… sans rain!

By August 17, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

It was 35 degrees this morning when I left on my ride.  It was all good though because although it was cloudy, the rain cleared out after I drank my french press Sumatra coffee and one of my dad’s amazing breakfast burritos… and a piece of homemade Baklava that my mom is famous for making (she is Lebanese).  Although it may appear I’m on the Phelps diet, I am not. 😉  The fuel was just delish and readily available.


Colorado Trail.   Still cloudy, but at least it didn’t rain on me!

I did about 2 of the 3.5 hours today on trails. My legs are pretty destroyed after all the hard efforts this week. I was definitely in the hurt locker showing my suffer face. 🙂  Hopefully it’ll pay off at Eldora and the Dakota 5-0 over the next two weekends. 🙂


Snow capped Rockies.  That John Denver ISN’T full of shit for once. 😉


I think that patch of grass down the center is cool. It must have been a rivine at one point…


I saw Gu, one of my very generous sponsors at OR and they gave me some Gu since I’m running out.  This was a new flavor they made just for xmas last year. I had never tried it and man, it was soooo good.  MMM MMM


SNOW on the sides of the trail!

The trail was delightfully tacky in some spots, and downright soggy in others.  It was kind of hard to tell on the downhills.  I messed up and crashed pretty hard…. on my FACE.  I broke my favorite pair of sunglasses that I have had for the last three years (white Smith Theorys) which I am super bummed about.  I can’t get more because they discontinued them too.  Guess it’s time to evolve my look.  It was a pretty high speed crash and the first thing I noticed was my right quad was completely cramped and was spasming from the blow.  Then I felt a lot of pain radiating from my cheek bone.  I have never been punched in the face before, but I guess that’s what it would feel like. The mountain punched me in the face!


Found this on my leg when I stopped, same deal on my elbow, and I have scratch on my face and a bit of a black eye. HOT HOTTIE HOTNESS! 😉 hehehe  Blood is pretty cool – the bright red color.  The owie on my face has been becoming more prominent as the evening goes by… fortunately my hair covers it, and it just looks like bad make-up! 🙂 hee hee


I was a little rattled by the crash, but I still had a great ride!!

I’m heading back to Boulder tomorrow morning – straight to work from here.  At least I’ll miss the horrible I-70 traffic.  It was awesome to spend the weekend with my family. 🙂  We are going out tonight to celebrate my bday a little early (it’s on Friday).  Italian, my FAVORITE. mmm mmm.  I’m jonesin’ for some bread and olive oil.   Tuesday I’ll be heading up to Fort Fun to see my special guy!

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