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Ridin in the rain

By June 12, 2007No Comments

Yep, it rained almost all day today, but I really wanted to take my hot new Scott Contessa Spark for a ride!! It faired well on the mountain bike trails with all the wet rocks and roots. It was really beautiful in the mountains today while it was raining. So much that I didn’t even mind riding in the rain. The most annoying part is that after being in the rain for 2.5 hours, my fingers were pruny for a long time after that. Ick! I’ve been trying to get everything ready for Deer Valley too. It’s been sorta stressful because my rear race wheel is misbehaving and Stan’s is leaking out around the valve. That’s what happened when I flatted at Angel Fire too, so I put some new rim tape and am letting it seal. I hope it works when I try to air it up tomorrow. I’m trying to get my position set before I go too. I am getting a fit when I get back, I just can’t swing it before leaving. I should be able to get it pretty close. My knee is hurting pretty bad right now from riding in a weird position all weekend, but hopefully it will go away. Tomorrow night is the first Boulder short track too!! I’m excited to go. They always have fun music and Dave Towle announcing. He is very very entertaining!!

That’s all for now.

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