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Riding back from Fort Kerkove

By December 11, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Today was another 3 hour road ride (on my mountain bike), but today I rode back to Boulder from Fort Collins. I am feeling my body start to adapt to the training load and thanks to my coach, Rick Crawford, I am feeling consistently good on the bike. In fact, I haven’t felt this good consistently in quite awhile. I am usually all over the place. Good thing I am adapting, because I got my new training schedule and there are some very big hour weeks coming up. I wonder how much my grocery bill will increase this month…

It was a lovely day today.
PC115141 Flat to rolling roads. I was secretly wishing I was riding to the base of Long’s Peak(14,259′) and then scurrying to the top. Ok maybe not… that would involve ice pics and stuff. This guy is hard core enough to do it though, but I haven’t read how it went…awaiting that post.

Once I hit Gunbarrel, the wind picked up. I saw quite a few other guys riding out toward Carter Lake today.

PC115142 Still snow in Boulder… still… and more to come on Sunday.

Guess what tomorrow is? Another 3 hour day! Wahoo. I want to make some peanut butter bars for the weekend riding. mmmm.

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