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Riding singletrack doesn't feel like training

By January 8, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

So that means 5 out of the 6 hours I rode today didn’t seem like I was out doing base miles…. or as our metric folks would say base kilometers. I’d like to measure things in kilometers – it would seem like I rode more because the number is bigger. 🙂

I rolled out of bed today after 9.5 hours of sleep, feeling like I got only 2. It was one of those mornings where I had a broken motivator. After a large breakfast burrito I made and a french press. That got me locked and loaded for the ride. After riding up to the foothills and looping around on the trails on the South Trails for 2.5 hours, I met Nina to go shred some dirt in the North.

Riding singletrack usually fixes a broken motivator and makes me happy.


Ye Olde Trail 365. I don’t really know the trails by number… it seems like they are all marked as 365.


Nina givin’ errr!  I was so glad to ride with her today.  Yapping for 3.5 hours made the time go by quickly!


Snack Break!! Apparently toaster pastries were the weapon of choice today. I had eaten some a few hours earlier. And yes, my hair looks like bug antennas.


My body is begging me for that rest week coming up in 3 days.  My knees are starting to hurt from tight IT bands and I have a really bad bunion on my foot.  I can’t even close the straps on my left shoe.  Good thing I have my Waldies. They are the only shoe I can wear and not hobble around. I need to roll on some foam, get a massage, and get some anti-inflammatories going. It wouldn’t hurt to soak in a hot tub either. 🙂

Tomorrow will be 5 hours on the road, Saturday will be 6 hours on both the road and trails, and Sunday will finish my base off with a nice 3 hour ride. I head back to Boulder on Sunday evening.


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