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If you aren’t familiar with the triathlon world, I’m excited to introduce you to our podcast guest, Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae.  Rinny is pretty amazing. For starters, she is 3x Ironman World Champion and has been on the podium at 6/7 Ironman Worlds she has done!  She has also been World Champion at the half-ironman.  distance.  The Australian currently lives in Boulder, CO.  Standing at 5’3″ tall, her first love in sports was actually basketball and she played for 11 years starting at the age of 7.  She was introduced to triathlon in college with running as her primary strength.  I think Rinny is inspiring for a number of reasons.  She is someone who thrives under pressure.  She has an incredible work ethic.  On top of her busy career, she took a short period of time off to have a baby and continued her career after her baby was born.  She said her short sabbatical was something she was ready for and the break from racing was a nice change of pace.  If you follow her on social media, you’ll see is she back to kicking some serious butt and her YouTube Channel shows how she and her professional triathlete husband, Tim O’Donnell, live their day to day with their little girl, Izzy.  In this episode, we talked about how she manages expectations and pressure, pushing through the pain, about her experience becoming a mom, avoiding injury, some of her race strategies and so much more! 

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • her 1st sport: basketball
  • how Rinny got into Ironman
  • how to have longevity in endurance sports
  • how she avoids overuse injury
  • her sabbatical to have her baby, Izzy 
  • her comeback after pregnancy
  • sleep deprivation with a young baby
  • managing expectations 
  • the community of triathlon
  • how to train 3 sports
  • her race strategies and some stories from her races
  • how she pushes through the pain

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