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Road ride today.

By July 1, 2008March 22nd, 20177 Comments

P7013114 Flat Irons and Baseline Reservoir. Too bad the powerlines are messing up the photo.

chode monkey This guy made me so mad. In my head, “Wow! Good job! You are in your drops going as hard as you can, trying to hammer me when I’m just trying to enjoy my morning in zone 2. Oh great, you’re blowing up.” so I was catching right back up to him and was sitting up with no hands on the bars putting something in my pocket, and he looks back, gets all crazy and tries to start hammering again. Seriously….

P7013111 I guess flat road riding can be nice sometimes… coach makes me do this stuff… if it were up to me, I’d be riding uphill every single ride. Good thing he is keeping me in check from causing more damage to myself.

P7013106 Road…. riding….

P7013105 Water. I need to go to Boulder Res and swim.

Cofffffeeeee I have been looking ALL OVER for a cone filter and I finally found one. I love coffee made this way b/c coffee pots don’t get the water hot enough and then it tastes funky. I was very excited to drink some Sumatra today. mmmm hmmmm. 🙂 This will help my bank account. lattes are too damn expensive. I need a coffee shop sponsor…..


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