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By February 11, 2009March 22nd, 20178 Comments

Last night, Jeff and I did all the associated grocery shopping to feed 4 people for a 24 hour race, plus a few extra days. It was a process… and unloading the groceries was “fun” because it was snowing hard!


The alarm awoke me from my deep slumber at 5 AM this morning. The first thing I noticed was how bad my head hurt… it hurt so bad that my teeth were hurting. I traditionally have had some bad sinus problems, but with neti pot rinsing, mucinex, and nasal spray, I can usually keep it at bay. I loaded up on some meds and Mr. Kerkove and I were out the door by 5:45 to pick up Yuki.

We are pulling a trailer behind the Ergon FJ to hold all the lovely bikes and assorted items. 12 hours later, we arrived in Lordsburg, NM to spend the night. I was really happy and excited driving through my home state (New Mexico). Lordsburg is a tiny town, but we have all the amenities we need.


Fine family dining… which was actually pretty good.


Yuki enjoying some true New Mexico enchiladas. LUCKY!

Also, the car ride was nicely enhanced thanks to Yuki’s girlfriend, Junko, who handmade this sushi for us to eat. MMMMMM!!!!! Or in Japanese, you’d say Choe-My!


Be still, my beating heart.

I am bummed about my sinus cold, but fortunately, it is residing in my head, not my lungs, so I will still be able to race. I am hoping my body is ready to go too. Not my ideal situation going into a race, but I will make the best of it.

We will arrive in Tucson tomorrow, and will be camping in a sweet RV at the race venue. Guess what that means? NO INTERNET!! DUN DUN DUN!!! Sooo… being the dork that I am, I will be updating my twitter status via my phone to keep you updated. Twitter updates show up automatically in white on the sidebar, or if you’re on Twitter, you can follow me.

Check back for a blog update Sunday night!


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