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Roads, mud, and white singletrack

By November 18, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

That’s pretty much the story for the week after the 8 inch dump on Saturday. It’s warmed up to the low 50s but there is still a bit of snow up the canyons. It’s a good opportunity to continue to ignore my poor, abused road bike and keep riding my awesome Rotwild.

4 mile 11/18

The dirt roads and paths are muddy and/or snow covered. The snowy bike path dirty sections are fun… it’s like snowy, icy singletrack. Definitely an opportunity to work on the technical skills. I have learned the hard way in years past to NOT ride on the opaque, shiny ice.

4 mile 11/18

4 mile 11/18

Mostly Zone 2, and a little Zone 3 training today… but mostly just enjoying turning the pedals.

4 mile 11/18
Happy as a pig in the mud… errr… Looney in the mud. Same thing. 🙂

Under 6700′, the roads were dry. Above that, there were some icy spots, but nothing too crazy!
4 mile 11/18

Today I thought that winter training is kind of funny, and odd in a good way. (this is more appropriate to the past weekend’s training) I mean, we are going out when it’s freezing outside, probably muddy and/or icy & snowy. Most people would call it crazy. To Jeff and I, that’s a normal winter weekend. Mud is spraying me in the face from my front wheel, and speckling my glasses so I can barely see. I smile, but my teeth hurt from the cold air. I sweat going uphill, and feel my race fitness starting to fade now that I am 6 weeks out from my last race, but I push forward and think about adding more weight to my backpack. My energy level drops, so I try to eat a PowerBar which is partially frozen or try to eat a gel which has turned into more of a thick, cold paste. Coming back down, I shiver; my hands, cheeks, and hair freeze as my wheels turn faster, faster. I try to say something out loud to myself to make it seem more fun, but I sound drunk because my skin and muscles are so cold that I can barely speak. When I get home, I’m hungry, and huddled over a bowl of something to refuel me from my efforts… and when I get in that hot shower, my fingers tingle because my nerve ends don’t know what the heck just happened. A few hours later, I think of how awesome my ride was and the thoughts of being cold, tired, and hungry seem like a distant memory. I wake up the next day, and do it all over again.

My brother has been in town visiting too, which has been great! He and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together(he lives in Albuquerque). We will both be heading back there on Friday. That means singletrack this weekend, and visiting lots of ABQ shops next week, and then Thanksgiving!

I’m starting to get my 2010 schedule together, but a lot of races next year are not yet planned out. Early season races will be 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, and the Ouachita Challenge. I am looking forward to it! I’m also itching to get a little bit of skiing in with all these snow capped mountains taunting me…


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