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Roads…where we're going…we don't need…roads.

By October 1, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Yeah, yeah…I know, I haven’t posted in awhile. things have been busy– I am moving to SoBo- WAY south boulder next week, have a bunch of exams, work, a little cyclocross. It’s all good though. I’ve been taking some good diggers on my bike lately for some reason too. Oh well, dudes dig scars, right?

Here’s what’s been up the past couple of weeks:

Fuentesdesign/waltworks team dinner. Some people were missing, but you can see the breed of these pro dudes. Very interesting…..very!!

ahhh, didn’t get Walt in this pic. 🙁

Nick the Welshman..ahhhh….more food! 😉 j/k haha

This was at the cyclocross race last weekend in Morrison. I ended up wrecking spectacularly thereby messing up my bike. I still finished, but I wasn’t really racing anymore. I was pulling over and cheering for people, pushing girls up the hills, doing ballet leaps over the barriers. More pics of this race to come, maybe.

The start, I was too timid to line up in the front row. I definitely don’t have the confidence(or the skillz) of a cat 1. bahaha


The Tough Girls had a good showing at this race

Yesterday, Brian and I had to take advantage of the perfect fall day(although it was a little warm out!). There was a cross race in Boulder, but we decided you can’t race cross in really superb weather! 😉

mmm. snow capped peaks.

Coming to GET YA!

Looks like we just missed all the leaves. They were more brilliant a little lower!

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