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Rockin' Wed nights – Boulder Short Track FUN

By June 18, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

The past 2 Wednesdays, I have been meaning to go out and throttle myself at the Boulder Short Track to try and hone in on some high end fitness. Mother Nature had a different plan, and it’s been canceled due to severe weather (crazy thunderstorms) for the past 2 weeks. The moisture held off last night, but the clouds were ominous. The most exciting thing of the evening was the spinning funnel cloud that formed during my short track, which was causing a deafening silence by the time the men’s A race started due to the shock and awe. Fortunately it kept on moving.

In the past, I have specifically gone shopping for short track glasses and socks.  If you know me, you know I am a total goofball who is always looking for new ways to have fun.  🙂  I didn’t really feel too perky at any of the June/July races last year due to being anemic, so the short track socks never appeared.  So back from 2007, live, and rockin’ and some new short track socks.  I didn’t wear the glasses… yet.  I was wearing them at the booth at Sea Otter though.  😀  They will return.

Boulder Short Track socks
Short track socks are back!  I got these babies at Urban Outfitters awhile back on sale!

This was my first Boulder short track of the year, and second short track (first was Sea Otter).  If you’ve been following my posts, you know that June is intensity month for me.  Time to crank it up and work on the high end.  In the past by now, my high end is raring and ready to go, so it’s been an interesting experience to start with long endurance rides and races with little to no intensity, and build up.  Coach has been kicking ass!  This is the first year EVER (my 6th year cycling) that I have not gotten overtrained.  Having a coach helps so much so you can have an objective opinion and someone who can really see the bigger picture on your training.

This particular Wed was a great turn-out with some of the Boulder pro XC women showing up to contend!

Yuki's pics
Women’s A Start.

I managed to get myself into second position into the singletrack behind Karen Hogan. She and I duked it out a lot in ’07 when I did a lot of the Boulder Short Tracks.  I sat behind her for the first lap, guaging my effort since I was not used to riding hard for very long and to my surprise, I was able to stick my HR around 200 for the duration of the race (30 min).  I usually ride around 175-180 for endurance races.  Lap 1 was cool, and Karen and I had a gap on the rest of the field.  I didn’t see anyone when I looked back.  By the second lap, I was feeling ancy, so I took a pass (and a pull).  I tried to put a gap on her, but felt myself growing tired when I upped the anty.  Somewhere in lap 2 or lap 3, Caitlyn Tuel caught me and passed me taking the lead.  I remained in second, about 5-10 sec back for a few more laps.

Yuki's pics
My lap of glory leading the race before Caitlyn dropped the hammer on me.

Eventually, Karen ended up passing me too, and I dropped back to third.  I was still putting out what felt like the same effort, but 20 min in, it was clear that my high end was running out and I was slowing down.  I glanced back and saw Erin Huck coming up on me for a lap, and she ended up passing me with 2 laps to go, and I dropped back to 4th.  I looked back to make sure no one else was coming, put my head down, and groveled for the last 2 laps to finish in 4th.  I’m excited to race it next week after making the fitness gains from racing this week.  I am now 2 weeks in to interval training and I think it takes about 3 weeks for full adaptation.

Dark clouds and my wacky short track socks to contrast.  This pic was snapped by one of my awesome blog readers… with a CELL PHONE!  Dang!

Yuki's pics
Coming through the start finish near the end. Sinjin laughed and said that it was fun to watch my face change as the race went on. The first 2-3 laps, I came through smiling… after that the smile was slowly diminishing and ended in a grimace.
Yuki's pics
Suffer face through the berm.

Yuki's pics
Finishing up in 4th, with the men waiting to get their roll on.

During our race, a funnel cloud was forming.  I told ya we have been having lots of tornadoes lately!

Yuki's pics
Funnel cloud!  You could actually see it spinning!

Yuki's pics
Crazy Boulder weather.

HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone there cheering for me.  It really helps and is much appreciated. 😀  YEAH!

The men’s race was exciting.  Basically Jeremiah Bishop and Bryan Alders went off the front and lapped part of the field.  Mike West was holding on tough in third.  I’m not sure how everyone ended up, but I think it was Bishop 1st (Bryan laid it down in a corner at the end), and Bryan in 2nd.

Jeremiah Bishop was so fast, he was a blur!

Jeremiah Bishop

Bryan Alders
Bryan Alders led most of the Men’s A race!! In front of Jeremiah B which is no easy feat. GREAT JOB Bryan 🙂

Yuki's pics
Mike West raging through the corner.

Big thanks to YUKI for all the photos 🙂

That’s it for Wednesday night Boulder Short Track. Will I be back next week?  OH YOU BET!

Tomorrow morning, Mr. Kerkove and I are headed up to Breck for some weekend training and course recon.  Stay tuned!


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