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Rolling out to Santa Barbara

By May 2, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Monday was a very chill day. Brian and I hung out at the hotel in the morning and then went to add our third party to the group- the Grinch. (Ryan). This is how it should be when you have an SUV:

Loaded down…

We went to Rudy’s for the fourth day in a row for lunch. We went here EVERY day. It was good, but now I’m totally burnt out on mexican food and burritos. ughhh.

They had this amazing tiger shrimp fajita burrito, but no…more… burritos….

Judy had a friend who was a winemaker so we go the sweet hook-up. We went to his winery called Kalyra and go to taste all kinds of different wines. I’m actually shocked that making wine is not a more involved, detail-oriented process.

There were barrels of wine everywhere and the guy would just open a spicket, pour it into a glass and drink it. Must be nice to be a winemaker, play outside and drink wine all day!!

Sampling a lot of different types of wine and learning about grapes.

Vineyards, everywhere!!! We actually raced through a vineyard the last week. I was going slow enough to be able to enjoy it! 😉

And finally we rolled into home sweet home. Motel 6. This was actually the first one ever made. The room is soooo small. There are three of us with bikes and all our stuff. There is really only room for one person to be up moving around at a time. 80 bucks a night. At least we are across the street from the beach. However, it is COLD here! low 60s and the ocean temp is in the low 50s. I should take my ice baths in the ocean!

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