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Rubber side down… check!

By July 25, 2005March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Europe tidbit #1: Budapest…. very nice!

Europe tidbit #2: This is our gondola driver in Venice. What sad times are these when gondola drivers in historic, beautiful
Venice talk on the CELL PHONE while driving.

Sandia ski area this weekend. Me, my mountain bike, and the trail all together. Finally! It had been a month and a half since our last rendezvous when I wrecked and sprained what seemed like every tendon and ligament in my wrist. A month before that was my last wreck-free ride, right before the day my knee was split open. Two months without mountain biking or racing had me feeling pretty timid, especially when I was strapping the brace on my wrist right before my ride..still not fully healed. I rode up the mountain at a leisurely pace, trying to enjoy it. My technical skills seemed to be there until a steep rocky descent I have ridden a million times. I got off my bike, shaking my head, and walked down. This seemed to be a recurring theme today. I was getting closer to the top and remembered that it takes about 2 weeks to reacclimate. I had been at sea level for almost a month and a half, so by the time I finished, I was leaning over my bike. Everything was getting very bright and started to spin. I just leaned on my handlebars and it passed. I felt horrible… it was a very discouraging day. How in the world would I race my last Norba National as an expert in just 2 short weeks? That meant that I must come back the next day and have a better ride. Sunday morning, same place. I decided to push myself today and prove that I am still a mountain biker. I was pretty happy with my performance. I felt great and was tearing it up! I was still feeling timid and begrudgingly walked my bike down a few descents and felt incredibley sheepish. Next time I’ll do it… it’s just that when you feel like you are going to crash, you probably will. I only had one small spill going up and around a sandy switchback, but it didn’t hurt. At 1.5 miles to go, I started feeling the altitude once again and my legs started complaining about the lack of oxygen. “Next weekend you will be acclimated!” I told them. I rode the trail 10 minutes faster on Sunday and felt much better about myself. Once my blood cells are back to a mile high and I just let loose on the descents, I’ll be riding great! 2 weeks? No problem! 🙂

Next weekend is the off-road duathlon at Sandia Peak. I have never done a duathlon before, so hopefully it will be fun! I haven’t been running much since my marathon days, but I just hope I have enough to sustain me through the run and enough snap in my legs to make up the time difference. I will ride up King of the Mountain to 10,000 ft, run 5k way up high, and then ride down. Sunday is the Sante Fe Prison Loop road race… not sure I’ll do that. Maybe I’ll ride the Winzor trail on the mountain bike. I just want to go to Santa Fe to hit up Trader Joe’s!

I can’t wait to slide back into the tail end of the race season. This summer has not been the best for my cycling resume!

I got my new apple computer in this weekend. It’s sweet! I turned it on and had a big question mark dwelling over me, but the OS is pretty easy to use. There’s my claim to nerdom.

I met the most annoying man I have ever seen last week. I was in a meeting at work and this man had to correct EVERYTHING. He was trying to correct the presentation. When the presenter finished, the lame chode said, “Shouldn’t you defrag the disk?” Later in the government van, the super engineering nerd said, “Umm.. maybe you should get some gas soon? Why are there hail dents on the car? Are you going to get that fixed!?!” Now my friends, if you know me, you know that I laugh… a lot. It took everything in me not to laugh at this guy… it also took everything in me not to backhand him!

More Euro stuff tomorrow!

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