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Santa Barbara (with all pics)

By May 2, 2007March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Ok, just an FYI, check back tomorrow for more photos in this section. blogger is not letting my upload pics from my ride yesterday. I’ll add them later because they are COOL!

Well, my last post didn’t make it so I have to redo it. 🙁 Oh well.

It’s been a bit of a struggle to get wifi here. A lot of hotels don’t have it and it’s super slow in the coffee shops. The hotel next to us has wifi as Ryan figured out. Check him out.

We have been chilling in SB for the last couple of days. It hasn’t been as relaxing as I had hoped since I have all this school crap to do, but it’s been nice to be away from it all! 🙂 I’m almost done with my final paper…I have about a days worth of work and I’ll be done. As of Wed, I’ll be done for the semester and have my nights and weekends free again. YES!

It has been actually really cold here. low 60s and the ocean water is in the low 50s. It’s no fair that we were dying of heat stroke during the race, practically blacking out, and now we are cold!! It should be the opposite. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t sit on the beach in my swimsuit and play in the waves, but what are you gonna do? I was debating going in, but I don’t want hyperthermia. I have been a camera nazi, so here are some pics.

COLD water!

Palm trees means vacation. Too bad I have my paper to finish and a final to study for. boooooooo

Pretty flowers.

Sorry boys, no bikini shots this time. it was just too damn cold. You’ll have to wait till I got to Hawaii in August! 😉

SB Mountain Bike Adventure #1

After rading Trader Joe’s, the boys and I headed to a local bike shop to find out where we could shred some sweet singletrack. SB is awesome because you look to the west and you have the Pacific ocean. You look to the right and you see big mountains. Those mountains are actually only a 20 min ride away. It is so lush and green around here. The houses are all really cool too because they don’t all look the same. There is tons of herbage around the houses too.

Our adventure turrned out to be not so cool because we never could really find some sweet trails. We rode up a super steep fire road only to see a dead end. We thought we had found some singletrack, but it was SUPER steep and rocky. We ended up hiking up a fair bit of it, and then rode down. That’s part of the adventure I guess. The views were nice at least. I decided it’s better for me to get out and move around instead of be lame. I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to proceed with how my legs have been, but I’m guessing that spinning them out is a good idea.

yeah, pretty rocky.

ryan kills the dowhnhills


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