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Sarah Sturm is a cyclist who can’t be grouped into a specific category of cycling. Although you might know her bright smile and speedy results from gravel, she is a 2x Singlespeed Cyclocross National Champion, a podium finisher at the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race this year, has multiple high-profile gravel accolades (aka Belgian Waffle Ride, Steamboat Gravel (SBT GRVL), Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder, The Rift in Iceland, and more), and done a sizeable amount of racing road and cross-country mountain bike races… to bikepacking adventures for fun. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention we met at the Trans BC Enduro stage race. When there are two wheels involved, Sarah’s spirit for adventure, connection, and fun has taken her down many trails, roads, and paths.

In addition to all the time Sarah Sturm spends cycling (in the saddle) and professional commitments, she also coaches young riders in the Devo Program in Durango, CO, and has a successful graphic design business called Oso Creative. Sarah isn’t only inspiring a new generation of riders, but also the fellow racers lining up next to her.

Sarah Sturm’s trajectory as a cyclist hasn’t always been easy. Early on, she found she wasn’t having any fun racing her bike and after a hiatus, came back to it with a newfound sense of joy and perspective. In this episode, you’ll immediately feel her ability to connect with just about anyone, her positivity, and vulnerability no matter who you are.

“I know progress not perfection. We hear these things, but it’s so hard to actually embody that sometimes because you just want to do well all the time and be the best. It’s not even about crossing the finish line, but proving it to myself sometimes if that makes sense. I’m not very good at actually looking back and being proud at some of the stuff I’ve accomplished.” 

– Sarah Sturm

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Key Takeaways

  • the pressure of professional athletics
  • progress not perfection
  • challenges of being a female athlete
  • how to have a good relationship on social media
  • our own jealousy and insecurities
  • how vulnerability can be powerful
  • what’s my worth
  • how to deal with pressure




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