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By December 2, 20082 Comments

I was reading Bicycling Journalist and friend, Mark Harrison’s blog today. I was unaware of Bush’s new proposal to try and ruin all my fun… once again. If you didn’t click on Mark’s site, basically Bush wants to drill for oil in Moab, Utah and possibly shut down all of our favorite trails. IMBA has taken action and has a letter you can fill out and send to the Utah Bureau of Land Managment. Click here and please participate. We don’t want our favorite singletrack have oil drills jabbed through it. Hurry, hurry. This must be submitted by TOMORROW.

Thank you.


  • Jake says:

    There is no way Bush will be able to get drilling approved at MOAB before he is out of office.

    Also, Bush has opened the door for MTB riding in national parks. See here:

    I’m not saying I like the guy, but he’s not trying to take Moab away.

  • Big Dave says:

    I think you might be a little late on this one. I heard on NPR the other day that pressure from Moab locals, SUWA, Sierra Clubbers, etc. already put the kabosh on that. I think it may have even been shut down by a district court. Not sure though as I was probably grading papers or working on bikes when I was listening to it.

    It is ridiculous what that moron keeps trying to do. What a tool. I don’t care if he does ride a mtb and supports mtb’s in Nat. Parks. I’d stuff a Zefal in his spokes any day.

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