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Saying howdy

By April 27, 2006No Comments

Today I had a bike fit for both of my bikes in Ft. Collins. I tell you what, in Boulder, you can’t see the HUGE snow-capped mountains behind the flat irons. When you are further north, you can see them. It’s pretty cool.

I am getting some new road pedals from a friend. Egg Beater Quattro SLs, and they are pink. I’ll show a pic tomorrow…now my pedals AND my seat are pink. Sweet!! A lot of bugs decided to commit suicide on my face today during my ride. I tried out some aerobars for the time trial at the Gila and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m looking forward to going home and getting this semester ALL done. Tonight I’m going to the Rio to get some margaritas with a friend. I randomly made friends with the velonews moutain bike editor, so he’ll probably have some cool stuff to say!! This Rio place has a limit of 2 on the margaritas so I think one will be sufficient for me. Then maybe I’ll go to sushi happy hour at Hapa. 2 rolls for 5.50. no bad,eh?

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