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Scenic photos…and I'm back from NY

By June 16, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Just got back from NYC…I have some real work now to do… all play and no work makes Sonya a happy girl. 😉

I finished up my training before I left with a bang. I actually rode 20 hours from Friday-Thursday and about 18,000 ft of climbing. Awesome! Adam, I can see you shaking your head at me! Thursday, I got up early, made some delish choc. chip whole wheat pancakes, and headed out on my ride. I was feeling strong, but it was quite evident that I was tired. I couldn’t really get my heart rate up, but was glad that my legs were still working. I climbed Lee Hill(pics from the other day), up Lefthand Canyon to Ward, and up even higher to Brainard Lake topping out at 10,500. Peak to Peak highway is at 9,600 ft, so there’s a road to Brainard from there. About 2 miles from the lake, there is a fee station…and yes…even bikes have to pay. A whopping $1. Last time I tried to go up there, I didn’t have a dollar and those fat bastards wouldn’t let me through. JERKS. But this time, I came prepared and the view (and climb) were well worth it.

This is a natural spring right outside of Ward. The water is some of the best water I have had. it’s not uncommon to see people with huge jugs, getting water just because it’s so clean and good. Of course, I had to throw in a picture of PJ(pimp juice)…my bike. 😉

Peak to Peak Highway

Road up to Brainard

The dude I had take this picture kept telling me over and over how he had lots of money. Good for him.

At Brainard Lake… mmmm. I wanted to lay down and take a nap next to the lake.

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