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School Started…

By August 29, 2006No Comments

Sorry for my lack of posts recently but I don’t really have anything witty or interesting to say! School started yesterday. This semester should be very informative and it’ll knock out TWO more classes till I’m done with engineering school forever. I have 5 total left to get my M.S.

After about 6 weeks of not training, I started it up again this week. It’s been good to get back on the bike with a mission. I have a 24 hr race next weekend, and to finish up the season, have some cyclocross and collegiate XCs to tear up! I am looking forward to doing a few collegiate mtb races. They’re so fun and chill. I’m excited b/c this year I’ll have some tough competition with Amy Drumm and Caitlyn Tuel.

My parents AND brother are coming for the weekend. I’m looking forward to it. I also will be highly amused watching my brother checking out all the sorority chicks. “Like TOTALLY!”

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