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When it comes to food and all the different views on what is healthy, how do you know what to believe? Overwhelmed with confusion and decision fatigue, most people simply just give up and I can see why! With so many different opposing views on what you should eat and what it means to be healthy, it’s often hard to know where to turn, who to trust, or what to do when it comes to our diet. I’ve personally felt frustrated with an overflow of conflicting information and rebuttles. The key is learning how to do your own research and how to know if a study is actually true. I personally eat my diet based on evidence-based nutrition with articles published in peer-reviewed journals. A huge resource for me has been Let’s talk more about that. was founded by Dr. Michael Greger.  He is medical doctor, a New York Times Best-Selling Author, and internationally acclaimed speaker. As a little boy, his grandmother was diagnosed with end stage heart disease and had many bypass surgeries. She was confined to a wheelchair and the doctors said her life was basically over at age 65. Lifestyle medicine pioneer, Nathan Pritikin treated Michael’s grandma, Frances Greger with diet. Within weeks being treated with a whole foods plant-based diet, she was out of the wheelchair and able to walk many miles per day. Not only that, she was able to live another 31 years until age 96. Her incredible recovery inspired Dr. Greger to dedicate his life to medicine and he has made it his life’s work to comb through thousands of nutrition science articles and created as a public service.

“The second half of my book has a daily dozen check list of things I try to put in my daily routine… in hopes that people will add more healthy foods in their diet and crowd out some of the less healthy options”

excerpt from Dr. Greger in this episode is a non-profit site about the latest research in nutrition. Dr. Greger presents informative evidence-based videos stemming from the latest peer reviewed journals. The website is run through donation only with no sponsorships whatsoever, and Dr. Greger does not receive any financial compensation. The purpose is to maintain integrity since so many studies and foundations are tainted by the persuasion of dollars. If you’d like to read any of the studies, there is a “studies cited” button next to all the videos.

He recently published a blog post about how to decipher a study and whether you should believe it is valid or not.  Check it out here.

Dr. Greger is also a speaker and is constantly on the go talking about the power of plants. His book, How Not to Die is a powerful read and reference describing the top 15 killers of humans how to prevent them. 100% of his proceeds from his speaking and his book go to his 501(c)3 nonprofit

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Topics Discussed in the podcast 

  • how to decipher a scientific study – how to know what to believe
  • where to get good resources for nutrition science
  • what to eat to maximize health and longevity on a daily basis (what plant-based foods to add to your diet for a well-balanced diet)
  • how food leads to diseases and how to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
  • Dr Greger’s personal story and his book, How Not to Die

Show Notes:

How Not to Die Keynote

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