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Sea Otter Haps

By April 17, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Sorry for the lack of reports lately, my computer is acting geriatric and not picking up the internet so well. Anyways, Sea Otter has been a busy, fun time so far. Thursday, we set up the booth and rode the course. One of my teammates from Germany, Kim, came over to race, and I was delighted to discover he was fun and super fast!

Kim from Deutschland!!!!

The Ergon tent set up in the small city of bike industry on Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA.

Mr. Kerkove, Yuki, Kim, and I headed out to pre-ride the course together. The XC is a little longer than most traditional XC races which are normally 20-30 miles. This one is close to 40 which will be good for me. The course is interesting here because there is a lot of dirt road, ruts, sand, and braking bumps.

Yuki tearing it up.

The course was packed when we were pre-riding.

Yes, I said pre-riding. I think there was a Tour or something going on.

My new Cratoni helmet and Adidas sunglasses came in on Monday. We also got some pieces for our 2009 team kits today to wear at the races!


Today we had a photoshoot. It was funny that they wanted to take my photo. One of the perks of being on Topeak Ergon!!! The photographers from Germany are really fun guys. I am a ham, so I enjoyed getting my picture taken. haha!

Andreas and Marcos. CHEESE!

Jeff getting his photo taken… He looks like a super hero. Superkove!

There is a lot of detail that goes into these still shots.

I have met lots of fun people here and reunited with old friends. I probably love that as much as the racing.

For example, I got to hang out with Guitar Ted!!!

I also got to meet Gary Fisher and Ned Overend today, but I will post those pics later.

I got interviewed by Cycling Dirt today on Ergon product. Check it out here. Tomorrow is the short track, and Sunday is the cross country. Full reports to come on those Monday or Tuesday!

I have to say that I am sooo happy to be here in California. They got like 2 feet of snow in Boulder today. We picked up Mr. Wiens from the airport a little while ago. I’m glad he made it out!!

The sun is now resting behind the horizon, and now I must rest too. Night!

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