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Sea Otter ST

By April 19, 2008March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Our set-up from behind at the venue.

The short track was up on that hill. It was pretty fun today and the start was very chaotic. I’m still not rocking out in the short tracks, but I did wear my special socks and a smile. The high end will come, it’ll just take a little extra time since I took a nice, long off-season this past year. Boulder short track series starts in June and I’ll be ready! Our team totally kicked butt with 3 or 4 of our riders in the top 10. Go Sobe! 🙂

Me and Matty J- our big shot team manager!

Thanks to our Pedro’s, one of our sponsors. They gave us their new seat bags. The seat bags are totally recyclable and lightweight. They are VERY cool!

Ergon is our grips sponsor and this is me and Jeff. He’s a semi-pro XC racer and pro endurance racer. Now that’s tough! The grips are light weight and super ergonomic. They are the best grips I have ever used, andmy teammates and I all agree it helps our descending. They also make a backpack that DOESN’T move around when you ride your bike. I tried it on for size. It was awesome!

How you know you are spending a lot of time with someone. We both simultaneously made the same face for this quick photo.

Of course we went the ocean, but it was too cold to go in. That’s the thing about going to races. Yes, you have to take it seriously but you also can’t forget to enjoy all the landscape and have a little fun!

Me, Tina, and Nina. The old UNM cycling crew is reunited! Tina used to live in ABQ with us, moved to Norcal, and came out to cheer us on!

Hills ANDbeach. Booyah!

Some landscape driving to the venue.

Cool, clear, water! I really wanted to go play in the waves, but it was 50 out and after dipping my foot in the water, it felt worse than my ice baths!

Nina and I being romantic on the beach. haha, Psyche! I love men. hee hee

Racing at low altitude is always an interesting experience. I tend to excel at mountainous, technical courses at high altitude. When I come down low, it feels like I blow up faster and don’t have the power I need to push it. Good thing I live in Colorado! Speaking of, although I love NorCal, I am looking forward to spending next week at home in Boulder.

I leave Saturday to hang out in the “Burque” for a few days and then Nina and I are heading down to Tour of the Gila.

Tomorrow- a 40 mile XC. I’m starting with one bottle of sports drink AND a bottle of water in my pocket so we don’t have an IV incident this weekend. I can’t wait!

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