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Wow, I’m getting some quality blogging in this week. I think I’ve posted more in the last week than I have in the last month, but I have to keep my people updated on all the cool haps! I’ll keep this brief.

In the last few years, the pro XC race has consisted of 2 19 mile loops. Last year, it was truncated down to 1 19 mile loop due to extreme heat. This year, the race was UCI sanctioned (although I thought it was in years past…) and was changed from a 38 mile race to a 12 mile race. Yeah, you read it right….four 3 mile loops of fun!! I was a little intimidated because I can’t remember that last time I did that short of an XC race! It ended up being a lot fun!

Each loop required a lap on the Laguna Seca raceway which is always cool, and the start on the road was actually more mellow than I expected. I basically raced with Rebecca Rusch (flattered to race next to her, she’s the 24 Hour World Champion!) and Lizzy English. Good racing, ladies!

I felt like I was getting stronger each lap and I tried to keep my body pinned. There’s not much else to say about it except it was over before I knew it and it was more enjoyable than expected! I finished up in 22nd which I’ll take!

Photo by Jake Orness

Thanks to Jackie and Murph-dawg from FRS for the being my support crew!


Dorothy from Topeak set up a little meet and greet for us which was fun!

Krista Park and I cooled off together after the race on our Kinetic Trainers.

Here’s a cool photo from the FRS shoot we did!


Today, we left Laguna Beach (lots of car time lately)

Said goodbye to the pretty views of the beach.


and headed to Prescott, AZ for the Whiskey-50 on Saturday! woohoo!

Saturday is game day!

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