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Sea Otter XC

By April 25, 2008No Comments

I’m behind on posting as usual, but I finally found an pinch of time today. Traveling keeps me super busy. It’s an endless cycle of packing, laundry, unpacking and trying to work, recover, AND keep my social life at home going.

Anyway, really quick. Sea Otter XC. It was cool because we started on the race track. Not so cool because mountain bikers riding in a pack is sketchy. I knew it was going to be a tough day when I was warming up on the trainer and my heart rate wouldn’t budge from 126. if you know me, you know my heart beats like a hummingbird in races. My avg for a race is usually in the upper 190s, so when I can barely get up to 130 right before a 40 mile XC, I’m not a happy camper. When this occurs, sometimes it helps if I eat a couple of gus. That seemed to do the trick because I was in the 150s after that. I actually felt decent for the first 45 minutes or so of the race. My moment of glory was making a sweet pass in the sketchy line of the first long downhill. The spectators went nuts for it. Not much later, POW. I started going backwards and got passed by about 15 girls. My HR plummeted and I could produce NO power. I got really frustrated and Negatron was at it again in my head. I was having a hard time shutting him down too… so much so that I came around to the feed zone (1 lap is 20 miles) where my friend Tina was waiting, I was contemplating dropping out. I stopped and got two bottles from her. Then I started chatting and telling her I didn’t know if I could even finish another 20 with the way I felt. I am not a quitter and with a little pat on the back from her, I took off again. I was bound and determined to simply HAVE FUN despite the soggy legs. It was a breakthrough for me because I genuinely enjoyed the second lap. I tried to tell myself that it’s okay, to not think about results, to just enjoy riding my bike in California because that is what I was there to do. I can never seem to have a good race in CA. I had a terrible run at Fontana and Los Olivos next year. That experience actually was good for me to think about, because my legs came around later in the year. I was talking with and yelling with the spectators, singing Queen’s The Show Must Go On at the top of my lungs, smiling in the sun. It was worth finishing that race. Sonya Looney is not a quitter. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and take it like a..a.. (I want to say a man, but that just isn’t right and anything else I could say is crude so I’ll stop)…. Anyway, I think I ended up in 32nd or something.

My team did really well. Jenna, Kathy, and Emily were on the podium!! I truly enjoyed the Sea Otter Classic and I’ll be back next year! Check back later for photos on this post… Thanks again to the Cannondale crew for everything. I am truly lucky to be a part of such an amazing team!! 🙂

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