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See how awesome the road riding is around Boulder???

By June 14, 2006March 22nd, 20172 Comments

I had a SWEET ride today. I love climbing….it’s my favorite thing to do and I am in one of the best places for it. I want to do it all day, and sometimes I really have to have some restraint to not do too much. 😉 Let me introduce you to a couple of my best friends. I spend more time riding them than anyone. (haha) Sometimes we have a love/hate relationship, but we always make up in the end. We see each other several times a week…and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

First and last name: Sunshine Canyon…my favorite climb. 5.5 miles, more info on the elevation gain later… has some super steep grades…15%+
The view within 5 minutes of riding out of town. This road actually goes up from the middle of town. aka Mapleton

This is the steepest part…it was kind of hard to take this photo seated and turning over like 60 rpms! It doesn’t look so bad, but it’s definitely challenging just to ride it!

aha, yeah…you can tell I’m hurting from this pitch…but it hurts soooo good

The view around the top

2) Lee Hill/Deer Trail…another one of my favorites It has some steep pitches, but not as steep as Sunshine. It’s a great climb and a good way to avoid the highway to get to Lefthand Canyon. It’s a great place to do LT intervals Add Deer Trail for extra steep challenge

What a view

No, I am not stoned…just feeling the pain, concentrating. yeah!

Since this was an evening ride, I got to see some nice views when the sun was setting

Tomorrow I need to finish up my training week with another long ride. This will be with my third best friend…Lefthand Canyon and Peak to Peak Highway. I’ll be back Monday, so NYC pics. I’ll try to behave. 😉 OH BEHAVE…


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