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By March 22, 20085 Comments

That’s the mantra and is the hardest thing about being a pro. Whether it be getting to bed early enough to get restful sleep, eating the right foods and not eating that extra cookie, avoiding those extra fun-inducing alcoholic beverages, and seemingly one of the hardest of all- resting when you’re tired. Every spring, I always get overtrained. Last year was the worst of all! I got horribly stressed out an overtrained right before the two CA Norbas, resulting in riding many laps of shame and frustration.

I’m trying to avoid that this year, so even if I am questioning if I should turn around and go home from a ride because my legs feel like rotten meat sticks, I flip it and get home ASAP. I was getting frustrated Thurs and Fri this week b/c both days I had to go home. It stressed me out quite a bit because I leave a week from Thursday for Nova Norba National in AZ. However, flipping a U-ey the last two days really paid off today. I felt super awesome on the bike and fortunately, that redeemed my confidence and my excitement to get on the race horsey for the year. The wind wasn’t howling today either which is always a plus!! I saw Tom Danielson making the suffer face up 4 mile canyon today, guess it was a good day to go out and GIT IT! Fortunately I was coming down so I didn’t have to have him pass me like a bat out of hell.

I got all my Sobe Cannondale stuff this week. I was like a wide-eyed little kid opening Pandora’s box. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size kits (every brand is different), so I have about another week left in the pink before I throw on some orange. I think orange is more becoming on me, I hope 😉

So I have a dilemma now. I only had mountain bikes last year. Now I have both a hot mtb and a hot road bike. Hot lava! (as my friend in California would say). The problem is I have to choose which one to ride. I rode the mtb today and I wanted to switch bikes and ride my road bike too. Guess I have to wait until tomorrow. Happy Trails! 🙂


  • Jeff says:

    80% on the road bike
    20% on the mnt bike

    Just my 2¢ from my training.

  • burt hoovis says:

    “Extra” cookie?

    Girl, you shouldn’t have Cookie 1 anywhere near you. There’s no friggin’ cookie in the whole wide world that’s going to help you climb better.

    Incidentally, later this week you’re up against the winner of today’s Iona Wynter/Emilia Fahlin contest. Those two look like they’re going to have a hard-fought match…the winner will probably be pretty tired when they face you in Round two. I’m thinking that you’ve got a cake walk into the Semis where you’ll be tackling Willow Koerber. THAT should be a good one…

    Good luck!

  • sonya says:

    I disagree. I had it easy in round 1, and all the girls in round 2 will probably destroy me, especially with that ridiculous halloween picture. And Willow could stomp me anyday, on or off the bike!

  • burt.hoovis says:

    I dunno man. I’m thinking the Beir Garten outfit should take you past either Inoa or Emilia pretty easily as well. After that, though, I’m not going to wager, although I’m still not sure what Willow pic that I’m going to use. That could factor in big here…

  • Jon says:

    Oh yeah. I know the overtraining syndrome. When I was racing xc, after I moved up to Expert, I overtrained and blew-up in a California Cup race in Snow Valley. What a downer.

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