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Short, fun video

By January 7, 20102 Comments

I really should invest in a helmet camera… like the Vholdr. My technique of holding my Iphone in one hand, steering/braking with my other hand, and riding downhill on some snow is probably not the safest of options… plus, I’m riding at 1/3 of the speed I normally do.

However, for now… I’ll try to hold my hand stable, work on my skillz descending singletrack one-handed, and not crashing. 🙂


I decided to stay in NM for a couple more dates. I checked CDOT only to find that the roads north of CO Springs were icy. My roommate told me she slid through 3 stop signs in Boulder, so…. it’s a great excuse to hang with the fam a few more days, and ride in the NM sunshine. Training is going really well this week after my rest week. I’m feeling powerful. Life is good! (and I will get more chile rellenos… yummy!)


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