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Short Track woes

By July 25, 2007No Comments

The course was really fun tonight. Unfortunately my legs were rotten meat sticks. Yes, they have returned and have been hiding since Crested Butte. I haven’t recovered from being sick I guess. I felt heaps better than last week (I at least finished) but could not produce any power. It was very frustrating and I was debating going to Telluride this weekend. I have decided to take the chance that I might feel better by then. If not, I’ll just slog it out and enjoy the scenery. 🙂 I also got stung twice by a wasp while I was warming up. Once on my ankle/lower leg and TWICE (new update, just found this) on my butt cheek. Both are turning red and forming a large bump (much like the picture of the scary stings on my back a few months ago). They still hurt. Wah. I’m sitting on an ice pack. Try to send good leg vibes my way. I will need it.

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