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Shredding the gnar on 2 wheels

By December 23, 2008March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Yesterday was a nice 4 hour day in the saddle. I headed down to the valley and by the Rio Grande and through some small ranch style towns. My legs are definitely sore on a daily basis, but that means I am going to get mucho stronger!
PC225267 This is about 1/3 of the river.

Today, I woke up to clouds and about an hour before I was planning to ride, the snow started to fall.

Fortunately, it stopped and the sun came out.

Looking to the east….

Looking to the west…
PC235271 It looks like 2 different seasons!

I rode up to the foothills and suddenly the ground was snow-covered.
At first it was only about .5 inches of snow, but the higher I got, the snow on the ground started to pile up to 2 inches.


The snowtrack wasn’t super slippery, more like riding through sand so my sore legs got extra workout. It did get a little sketchy on the rocky sections, but no worry, the snow would provide a soft, yet cold landing. Fortunately, I didn’t have to see for myself.

I was glad to get out today since riding on the trails when they are snow-covered doesn’t hurt them. I wasn’t even making contact to dirt with my tires. It does more damage to my drive-train than anything else, but there wasn’t a lot of dirt spew and I kept washing it off with my water bottle and since it wasn’t cold out, the water was not freezing on my bike. Tomorrow will be muddy up there, and that is when you can potentially damage the trail.

PC235285 Cutting trail.

Today was a day that I would have loved to have a helmet cam. It was really fun to lean back, let the brakes go, and let the wheels roll and the snow fly up into my face.


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