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Signs that spring is coming

By March 8, 2010March 22nd, 20174 Comments

One word. MUD.

Snow is melting and the sun is peaking through the clouds more often. My training ground is all the fun gravel roads in the mountains, which are now muddy rivers of fun. It’s a good thing I like getting muddy!

My poor drivetrain.

My helmet has mud freckles.

Mud dork stripe. My shorts were much worse. 🙂

You start getting these funky knee warmer tanlines.

Shoes were made to get dirty…and then clean.

I wonder if this has the same effect as a “mud facial?”

Daylight savings on Sunday…. another good sign. Now, I’ll be looking for little teeny buds on tree branches, signs of a warm breeze, and the smell of fresh pine.

Off to Seattle on Wednesday for 5 days. If you’re in Seattle, come to the bike show! I’ll also be paying some dealers a visit. Training… not going very well right now. No time, unfortunately… I’m riding an average of 3x a week. Guess I should look for later season fitness this year. Sigh.


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