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In case you are wondering what the stance on the pres. candidates are for the election (and you probably should care), check out this site:


Sorry folks, gotta spread my environmentalist propaganda every so often. Global warming and humans mindlessly destroying the environment is actually happening. If you haven’t noticed, it’s been in the news and around a lot more with information as to how you can be more green. Here is a post from my other blog from October in case you’re interested in simple and easy ways to go green. Make your life more green

Another quick note. Ok yes, I work 25-30 hours a week, which some people laugh at because they work double. It’s very busy to train like a full time professional (especially in the winter when you have to put on big miles) athlete and to work part-time. I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday morning- sleeping in, catching up on my other peoples’ blogs, reading a magazine, drinking chai. It’s good to slow down and relax sometimes. I’m excited to go ride in a little bit too! 😉 So this is what it’d feel like if I actually got paid to ride (minus the very large pressure of winning)! However, at this time last year, I was [trying] to train like a full time pro, going to school, had a boyfriend/relationship being upheld, and working two jobs! Amazing how we can always somehow manage time. I was able to do it, but my riding suffered from the high stress level. Turns out cortisol isn’t so great when it comes to recovery. We’ll see how it goes this spring with much lower stress levels and more time to actually recover!!

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