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By June 11, 2007One Comment

Sorry, I know I promised an Angel Fire update, but that just never happened. It seems ages ago now. 😉 I have been working and trying to train a little bit during the weeks and very much enjoying not going to class or having any homework.

I raced 24 hours of Erock last weekend with my team (they did most of the work, I Just came and rode some daytime laps). It was still fun. I also got to try out a 29-er. It was a good time to hang out with the girls. I got my NEW Scott Contessa Spark on Friday and got to ride it all weekend! It’s a sweet bike, but it feels weird after my hardtail. It rides really nice and I will get used to all that yummy travel very soon. It is really nice looking and Shep made sure to get the pink housing looking rad. (pics to come later).

This past weekend was my first weekend not racing in 7 weeks. It was marvelous!! My roommate, Brian, and I went camping at Kelly Dahl, a campground about 4 miles outside Ned. We went on some awesome rides both days. Walt, Sarah, and Miguel came up on Sunday to ride too.

I will have the full report on camping soon. All I can say is that it was so great to finally be camping again and I got to use my new tent. Liz has made a detailed post about camping, so I’m trying to figure out how you all can access those particular posts since her blog is private. We don’t want any of her music students reading her blog now, do we?

Deer Valley is this weekend. I’m a little nervous taking my new bike. I think I’d take the hardtail, but the derailleur hanger is toasted and it’ll be awhile before I get a new one. 🙁 wah

One Comment

  • leapnlzrds says:

    have you tried getting to my blog through the link on your website? That never makes me sign in. But maybe because it’s on my computer…..I’ll try to figure out a way for your friends to read about our camping trip. For now they can email me at and I can add them to the list. 🙂 The special special guest list. mwahahahaha. -Lizzle Dinwizzle

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