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Slow ride!!!! Take it easy!!

By April 28, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

We all know Foghat’s “Slow Ride, Take It Easy.” That’s been the theme of the last 2 days, trying to get in some recovery after the 50 mile race Saturday, and Sea Otter the weekend before. Yesterday was a 1 hour chill road spin, and today was a 2 hour mountain bike ride.


I headed to Marshall Mesa, which is nice mellow trail. I found that it was actually green and delightfully tacky from the snow a few days ago. I used to live 10 min from the trail, and now it’s a 40 min bike ride to get there. Fortunately I can do it all on paved and dirt paths. I expected my legs to feel awful today, but they actually felt pretty light of all things considered. Of course, they would burn if I pushed too hard, but I am happy with how the recovery process is going. Although it was cloudy and cool, it was a great day to be on 2 wheels with knobby Continental tires!


Tomorrow will be a little harder of a day on the bike, but still nothing crazy. It will be more of a skills day I think. It’s good to be home!!!! (I am still not unpacked – my floor is very cluttered, and instead of doing that tonight, I’m going to my Kim’s house for dinner! Woohoo!


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