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Snowmass Norba National

By August 14, 2006March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Stay tuned for a post with lots of fun stuff! First things first, I think I am FINALLY coming on for the season. Better late than never I guess… made some rookie mistakes in the XC, but started off feeling great and strong. I just got home from a long weekend and played hooky from work today to even stay for the series party. I think a good time was had by all. It’s nice to be back home and to be ALONE! I love going to races and seeing my friends, but I go crazy sometimes b/c I don’t have any time alone!

The most exciting news of the day! After nearly a month of searching for a cyclocross bike, I FINALLY found one that’s a GREAT deal and am getting it this week. I can’t wait to race ‘cross this year. YES!

Some photos for your viewing pleasure. I’ll have more from the race later…these are just random ones I took…I thought I took more, sorry these are not as exciting!

I remember a movie quote from the Nutty Professor talking about colon cleansing, but I didn’t know you could buy it as a powder and drink it. I stayed with Nina’s family one night in Snowmass and found this on the counter. I guess you need to do what you gotta do to stay regular!

Nina (Baum) and the crew normally take ice baths after the XC, but we had the Frying Pan river in Basalt. I stayed with Becca (Blay) one night in Basalt and this was right by her house. BRRRRR….so….cold. The kind of cold that is sheer pain. I guess we didn’t get enough pain in the XC

Lunch with the Baum family…Nina’s bro Jack, aka Tina. Tina you fat lard! Come and get some dinner. EAT TINA!!! EAT THE FOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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