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Snowmass XC, Mountain States Cup

By July 15, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Snowmass is one of my favorite races of the year. I have had my ups and downs at that course. Mechanicals, bonking, flat tires, you name it… it’s one of the hardest courses on the circuit. I love the climbing, the aspens, the stream crossings, and the competition. Josh, Brian, and I headed to Snowmass Friday afternoon.

I snapped a few photos in the car through Glenwood Canyon. It’s pretty awesome.

Josh just got a new car last week (a stick shift) and was extremely ambitious to take his new rad ride since he had just learned days previous how to drive a stick. I was very amused watching him suffer through it, especially when he got stuck in traffic on a big hill in Snowmass Village. He did very very well and I remember my days of learning to drive a stick. It’s scary at first. We got up to the venue and spent some time out on the course.

Josh’s worst nightmare…the stick shift. 😉

Start/Finish. That hill is WAY steeper than it looks.

We stayed at a house in Carbondale which was pretty much my dream house. Simple, wood, and way out in the country with spectacular views. The rest of the posse stayed with us (Alders, Nick, Blake, Josh, Yuki). Brian and I were confined to a very small double bed that made my queen look like a palace. We both woke up tired and grumpy in the morning since neither of us got much sleep. I began to wonder how my legs were going to feel and was stressing I’d have a Crested Butte repeat. After Josh’s special oatmeal concoction, we headed out to the venue. Warming up, I noticed I was feeling surprisingly good. I didn’t know if it was the Go Fast or the massage I got on Thursday, but I was excited. Jamie Justice has been playing massage therapist for me this summer and every time I get a massage from her, I feel amazing on the bike. I blame her being out of town for my rough past couple of weeks. 😉 Anyway, back to racing.

Ok, I found a TT helmet. And you all know me, the goofball. I had to have some fun with it. I want to race the short track with one of these!

It was CO State Championships so my field was pretty stacked. Jenny Smith showed up to show everyone how to ride a bike (and she won Saturday too). Snowmass has a LOT of climbing, especially at the start. You basically go up a wall, settle, then up another wall. I decided that instead of my normal strategy of going super hard at the start, I started out fairly slow. The field was passing me and I was frustrated that I wasn’t going as fast as they were. Sure enough, my strategy paid off. One by one, I started picking them off and was in 5th place, less than 30 seconds off 4th place at the top of the fire road. I let it fly on the singletrack to put time into the people behind me. I remembered a sharp right into the woods with a short, steep jaunt and a rock garden so I started getting my gears ready. When I went to pedal, JERK! I couldn’t turn my crank. I backpedaled a hair. JERK. The chain was totally jammed. I pulled off the side of the trail in disbelief. I have had so many mechanicals this year, it’s ridiculous. Then I tried to get it out. It was stuck between my granny gear and frame. I pulled and hard as I could, still stuck. I didn’t have a chain tool with me, so I was preparing myself that I may have to quit. I felt my insides fall with disappointment. Then, out of nowhere, a man showed up in the trees. Some spectator and he pulled it out for me. I knew it wasn’t allowed, but I just wanted to finish the stupid race and I had already lost about 3-5 minutes. He told me, “don’t worry, you’ll get back up there. It’s a long race.” I wanted to grab him and hug him, but instead I thanked him profusely and then hopped back on my bike and hurried away. I managed to make up several spots by the top of the lap, but I was worried about the downhill. I am STILL having wrist problems and it is really hard to hold on. Jesse Swift figured out a possible solution, but I had to wait till after the race to amend that. I was loosing a LOT of time on the downhill. A few women who I put MINUTES into on the climb would pass me on the downhill. It was very frustrating. I finished in 8th or 9th after all that. I would have loved to have a top 5, but I was really excited. I was climbing stronger than I ever have, and girls in my field were actually complementing me after the race. Now I just have to get my position dialed on the downhill!!

After the race, trying to play the part of a “tough girl”

I figure Scott would like a photo of their gorgeous Contessa Spark with the mountains in the background.

Me and Caitlyn waiting around for awards.

I have already moved my stem/handlebars to where I think they
should be, now I just have to try it out. My wrist hurts today from the downhill. My wrists were bent too far back and needed to be way forward and down. Next race up, Boulder short track!!

Josh finished an impressive 3rd, and Brian got 7th or 8th after a gnarly crash. Good job guys! 🙂 Monique also won the expert category by a long shot. Wait to go, state champ!

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    how could that be your dream house if you think we currently live too far from everything and we’re just at the edge of boulder? silly, silly sonyat. 😛

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