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I’ve wanted to come to Oregon for many years, and when Ergon told me to go do dealer visits in Portland, Bend, and Eugene, it was hard to hide the excitement in my voice.

I spent a couple days in Portland. 2 rides (one road, one singletrack), 18 bike shops, 2 breweries, friends, and loads of fun later, here I am. I got to Eugene, Oregon tonight and I will check out the bike shop scene here tomorrow. There is a pretty distinct difference in vibe between Eugene and Portland (duh, one is a big city and one is a college town) and so far, Eugene is more me which make sense since I come from Boulder!

People in Oregon are cool (and some are crazy hipster), there are some GREAT restaurants which is good for Foodie Looney, rainforest-like singletrack, and more breweries than you can shake a stick at. I’ve been trying to keep the after hours brewery touring under control, and for once, I can say I have been sticking to that.

Here is what I’ve been up to this week in a nutshell (besides been trying to recover at <1000′ elevation for Sunday’s race)
Pimpin grips….

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