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Solo Mountain Bike Adventure

By May 4, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I was being very dedicated and spending some quality time at the coffee shop finishing up my paper, so when I got back, the boys had ditched me on their own ride. I decided that I don’t need no mans, and went to the bike shop to ask where some trails were. Solo mission. After trying to navigate through town and getting just a little lost, I found myself at Jesusita Trail. Finally, singletrack that isn’t hike-a-bike! The view was breathtaking.

That at the end my friends, is big blue!

The trail did have some walking sections, i.e. boulders at stream-crossings that I had to try and hop across with my bike on multiple occassions. You try balancing on rounded rocks with carbon-soled shoes. Not the easiest task. The single track was pretty sweet and had some smooth and also some technical sections. Toward the top it got super windy and I was getting dizzy. I saw a few snakes and big lizards on the trail which reminded me that I was not alone. When I started thinking about that, I was a bit anxious and was thinking about pumas sitting in the trees looking down on me. It felt like riding in a jungle instead of mountains. It was pretty incredible once I got up high because no only does the view show you how high up you climbed and of the city, but the ocean. A rare sight on a mountain bike. The ride down was fun too, although my wrists are STILL hurting. the pain is not nearly as severe as before, but it definitely slows me down.

Riding back into SB, I thought I’d take a shortcut since I took the round about way of getting to the trailhead. Little did I know where I was headed. I rode almost all the way across town THINKING I was going the right way. I figured that since I was riding into a raging headwind, the ocean was that direction. I finally figured it out, and rode my irritated butt home.

Santa Barbara is beautiful, but it has a really weird aura about it. Brian and I were trying to figure it out. It’s like the people there are empty inside. They don’t seem happy, no one really smiles… almost like they are owned by money or owned by their desire to make tons of money. They can’t be happy just to be. Just a little thought.

One Comment

  • gwadzilla says:

    happiness is hard to find

    hard to find on the bike or at the bank

    everyone is f_cked up everywhere!

    people need to appreciate the simple things

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