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Someone please…make it stop.

By January 20, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Sorry for my lack of posts. Blogger has been temperamental and hasn’t been letting me upgrade my template or post pictures. Boooo. I’m still trying to customize the colors on the this blasted template but it still won’t let me.

I started school this past week. Looks like another good semester ahead of me with 2 biomedical engineering courses (1 about implantable devices focusing on the cardiovascular system and the other is a neural systems/physiological control course–liquid state ionics). It’ll be a good taste for my palate. I also started my new research assistantship in the Neurophysiology of Movement lab in the integrated physiology department. I’m really excited about this job. The lab has a great vibe about it and I’ve already learned a great deal. I think this is where I’m supposed to be! I’m starting to appreciate having my engineering degree because it’s a great key to unluck doors to many awesome opportunities I didn’t think I had access to.

I have had some Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes… there is still tons of snow on the ground and it’s STILL freezing here. It has snowed the past 5 weekends in a row. When I try to go outside and ride my bike, I freeze since it really isn’t getting much warmer than the upper 20s(For you Euros, that’s Farenheit…we’re talking a high of -6C) . Hence, I’ve been riding the trainer for several hours on end. It’s mid-late January and I want to have some fitness by Nova Norba National at the very end of March. As you’ll see below, I’ve been trying to find other means to amusing myself besides the trainer. I went skiing last week as well, but you know… I’m a warm weather person. I like hiking, camping, running, and biking. Yes, you can do all these when it’s cold, but it’s just not as pleasant. I like cool rushing streams, green and lush forests, sunshine, churping birds, and clear blue skies. The time will come…I just wish it would hurry up.

And now Blogger is finally letting me post some photographia:

Trainer set up #1. Ride with a friend. Brian has been riding the trainer as well. Gotta stay motivated. I’m being careful not to burn out, so don’t worry! 🙂 The blue bike is a Waltworks, custom made steel frame. Made by my friend and NM native, Walt Wehner.

This book is THE spawn of satan, the bane of my existence, and hopefully I will never have to open it again. I took 2/3 power electronics courses and am happy to say that I am bailing on the certificate. There is one class left offered this semester, but I want to enjoy my life, not curse it every morning I wake up. 20 hours of homework a week and 30-40 hour take home exams is NOT my bag… SO I am putting this book to good use.

The usual trainer set-up, me riding solo with my ipod, gazing out at the terrible weather….dreaming of feeling the warm sun on my face.

And at the epidomy of my desire to be outside having fun, I am rollerblading in the house. I am afraid to do it outside anyway since I can’t stop, so this works juuuust fine, thank you.

I got a wireless mouse for my laptop….it’s phenomenal. I’m trying to get psyched to ride the trainer all weekend, wish me luck…. or send some sweet techno my way.

One Comment

  • leapnlzrds says:

    i love that you posted a pic of your and brian’s bikes facing the sad blank white wall….it makes me feel for you. maybe if we all wish really hard santa will banish the snow!

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