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Sometimes you need to take matters OUT of your own hands

By May 21, 2008No Comments

That’s right…that means no Angel Fire.  I am pretty damn disappointed because it is one of my favorite races, but my legs are still way too tired.  I have dug myself an early grave finishing Sea Otter and Gila feeling the way I did.  I don’t really know when to quit.  Fierce determination doesn’t always pay off.  That said, Sean Madsen is coaching me with and that is getting started in a few weeks.  He is going to get me back on track and hopefully next year I won’t follow my routine of racing myself into the ground in the spring.  Tough decision to pull the rip cord till Teva Mountain Games, but I’d rather feel awesome then mediocre the rest of the season and turn in embarrassing results.  Nothing but flat, slow, short road rides for me for the next week.

My next post will be about the wedding and the one after that will be about how to be a super commuter with gas at 3.80 a gallon.  Stay tuned!

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