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Helllllo!!!I hope the winter season is off to a great start for everyone!  I’ve been fatbiking, running, riding the trainer a bit, and even just got my XC skis all waxed and ready to go.  I find that the best way to beat winter blues while our precious singletrack is resting under a blanket of snow is to get outside and do some other stuff! I also don’t mind the downtime and admit I train less in the winter.  It’s a good time to do other activities (like play guitar and organize the garage!)  However, I need to get my butt in gear because I’m racing Trans Andes in Chile in January and defining my World Title in New Zealand in February(yes, already… shortest tenure ever!)I’m also trying to get my holiday shopping done.  I wanted to share with you some of the products I LOVE.   A lot of these are products from my sponsors…but I am fortunate enough to handpick each of my sponsors and their products.  I wanted to share some of the best of 2015 and some other great goodies I’m loving right now as well!  Check it out!  I wanted to create a Cyclist’s Gift Guide but this can really be for anyone!Stay posted for my next newsletterSIGN UP!it’s going to have some tips for surviving the holidays… I need to follow my own advice too! haha!

The best bottles of wine!
Here are some of my favorites from Michael David Winery.  TheFreakShow Cab Sauv($20), theEarquake Zinfandel($26 & my personal favorite bottle MDW makes!) or the Sauv Blanc($16) if the person on your list loves white wine!

Give a helmet!This is theKask Mojito Helmet(tons of colors!) but if you want to give a belated gift, thenew mountain bike helmet (REX)will be available soon too.  Kask helmets are awesome because of their adjustability for a VERY comfortable fit.An easy place to browse and buy ishere

Dot & Bo: SUPER cool gifts, decor, etc.This is one of my favorite websites to look at. There’s cool gifts, stuff for the house, and cool articles on design.  I highly recommend checking it out!

I love using Roctane for my training and racing.  It has amino acids to help recovery and prevent muscle breakdown (and some flavors have caffeine!) $60.60My favorite non-Roctane product is the Salted Caramel$34.80

The BEST Craft Beer Glasses Spiegelaumakes IPA glasses (my personal favorite), Belgian beer glasses, lager glasses, and even stout glasses.  Beer glasses are designed so that you can enjoy the aroma of the beer as well as to control the release of carbonation.  You can get a set atBed, Bath, and Beyondor other home stores!   I LOVE mine!

Inspired by my adventures around the world and the way I look at life, Do Epic Shit! Live life outside your comfort zone and come alive!  Also available in neon and wool.   Also check out theWoolie BooliesandThermeatorsfor winter.COUPON CODE: “Sonya” for 20% your entire order!

Take a gander onEtsyand find cool jewelry and art for someone’s house.  I love buying from the artist directly.   I saw some cool clocks and bicycle themed rugs too.

Newest in Trainer Technology: Wahoo Kickr SNAPGet your cyclist (or yourself) the newest trainer.  This one does everything.  I just upgraded my trainer for Canadian winter! Add in aZwift subscriptionwhile you’re at it! I saw the SNAP is sale right now on the website for $699.

YETI RamblerThis is an awesome insulated mug for beer, coffee, tea, smoothie, or anything else your heart desires to stay hot or cold.$29.99

One Pump to Rule Them All!There are SO many pumps out there, and even Topeak makes a slew of pumps!  This one, theJoe Blow Ace, has been my favorite of any pump!  There’s nothing more frustrating than using a pump that doesn’t work well.  Get them THIS pump for the holidays!Find a dealer locator here.

The Feed offers snacks, treats, and you custom pick your own box!  Here’s what is in myfeed box.  There’s not just sports nutrition on this site(they also have chocolate and coffee!).  They are offering a $10 credit if you spend $30.

Keep your feet warm!  Winter cycling shoes are so key.  It’s nice not to have to deal with the chore of putting on booties (and I always seem to rip mine too!)  Break down barriers to cold weather training.   Go to your local bike shop to get a pair!$250

If the person on your list has been VERY good this year, give the gift of power!  Stages are the easiest to install and use.  You can make the best of your training if you use power.$629

Hats & Beanies!I have an extensive beanie (or as I have learned as Canadians call them- toques(WTH?).  You can never have too many.SmartWoolmakes some cool ones,Pranahas AWESOME ball caps for men and women..or just go toREIand they sky is the limit!

Best Coffee Beans. Ever.I was on a road trip in Northern Washington.  Being the coffee geek that I am, I found this small roaster in the tiny town of Twisp, WA.  I bought every type of bean they had to try at home. I was blown away.  I get coffee from all the places I travel and Blue Star has THE BEST roasts. Wowza!!!You can get them online.  I thought I just smelled coffee as I wrote this! :D$11.50/120oz

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