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Sorry for my lack of bloggage

By December 10, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments


Yes, the blogging was been very slack, but for good reasons. This is the last week of school, down to the end of the wick. I can’t WAIT! It’s been super duper busy with work, starting training again, and all of my school stuff my nutty professors(I wish they were as funny as the real nutty professor) trying to squeeze every last drop they can into the semester with homeworks, huge research projects, final exams, presentations, you name it! I’m feeling good about everything, but can’t wait to have a moment to sit back and actually FEEL relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, I can get my slack on pretty well if I want to, but I still have nagging thoughts in the back of my mind. I.E. (I should be working on….)

Anyway, you haven’t missed too much. The snow is finally melting away and we enjoyed some 60 degree temps this weekend. I made cookies today and my roommate is very appreciative of my mad skillz…. made with love… a love for chocolate. I bragged about my world class cookies. Looks like I backed it up! 🙂 🙂 Check out her blog(links on the side). I’m deemed the “crazy cookie lady.” YOU KNOW IT, UH!

And as usual, here are some photos for you. I promise I’ll be back soon…. just like Arnold in Terminator. I’m due to feed my annual Terminator marathon fix. Oh yeeeahhh!!

Adam took me to Carraba’s for a very belated bday dinner. I got my favorite pasta. The waiter was entertained when I reacted to my food arriving with a big smile, and moving my arm saying, “YES!”

At least these are fake snowflakes inside!! My place… Bri having some fun

Mmmm. Brian helps me relax and smile!

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