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South Dakota, by way of Ft. Collins

By August 27, 2008March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Mr. Andrew helped me fix the tough little bastard last night, so she (she is a calloused, hardened, tough, old ass woman) started right up like a champ with a new pacemaker today. We made our way to Collins of the Fort and did a nice recovery sort of spin on the mountain bike with Geckove

P8273953 The imperial finger strikes again!


P8273959 Tanning in my chamois…

P8273965 Amen, brotha.

P8273969 I am a blogging machine. Stand back.

P8273976 OOO! Porn!! (hahahaha. kiddin!)

In other news, my new very favorite toy that I have wanted forever is the Suunto Lumi. It’s a way cool altimeter/barometer watch and it looks pretty awesome too.

Tomorrow is off to the Dakota 5-0. The actual race is Sunday. I’m sure my addiction to coffee (and a variety at that) will have me at the coffee shop for at least one latte in addition to french press coffee. 😛 I am hoping my legs feel like a bubbly little school girl.


  • Lizzle Dinwizzle says:

    wow, a picture of Jeff (or whatever his latest nickname is on your blog) without glasses or a hat/helmet????? Crazy, dude, crazy.

    Good luck this weekend guys!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan says:


    Been reading your blog for some time and actually have you on my links. I wanted to ask how you guys like the ERGON grips? I am considering getting some because I do notice my hands cramping a bit from my current OURY LOCK-ON grips. I have been asking around and some favor ERGON but some dont like it. The biggest complaint is that during downhill sections you cannot wrap your hands fully around the bar and your hands get tired and you have less control. Have you guys noticed this? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? Would love to hear back from you maybe drop me an email if you have some time.



  • Sonya says:

    Hi Jordan,

    Please see my review for my take on the grips. It is published here:
    It is a testimonial truly from the heart. You can also read other peoples’ responses.

    In reference to the guys who feel they have no control on the DH – they must not be using the grips properly. If anything, you have more control on the descent because your hand is in a neutral position. They also come in small and large, so perhaps they are using the wrong size. The only times my hands have gotten tired is when I have a white knuckle death grip on the bar, and there is no product that can stop that type of fatigue. You just have to breathe deeply and relax, and the problem takes care of itself.

    I would suggest going to REI and getting a pair. They stock four different types of grips – I use the GX grips. With their return policy, you can use them and if you do not like them, you can return them. I urge you to try the grips. You will not be disappointed!!

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