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Speaking of tough bastard…

By May 1, 20097 Comments

Well, there might be some relief for my car which I hold so dear to my heart. It’s the only one I have ever had and in the next few years, it will be taken to its final resting place. My friend has been following this(NPR) which is new to me:

Congress Proposes ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Program

Morning Edition, January 15, 2009 · The government has given billions of dollars to automakers who need to sell more cars. Now, Congress may soon offer motorists money to buy new vehicles. The idea behind the proposed program, called “Cash for Clunkers,” is to get millions of aging gas guzzlers off the road and replace them with fuel-efficient cars. If approved, the program would provide vouchers up to $4,500.

Also, more info here.

I am not sure how I feel about American cars… but I guess I will find out if this bill goes through. Hmmm.


  • Kevin Kearney says:

    Can we use the money for a new bike if we commute? What if it is American made?

  • chris hanson says:

    damn. i saw cash, clunkers’ and billions. i need to turn my truck in, payday! Boo-Yeah!!!

  • Ben says:

    Haha, you said bastard on the internet!

  • burt hoovis says:

    this is a profoundly stupid idea.

    when you consider the amount of energy spent manufacturing new parts, constructing a new vehicle, shipping it to the dealer, etc., from an environmental impact perspective, you’re much better off keeping up an old vehicle than buying a new one, even if it is more fuel efficient. the payback period would have to be friggin’ decades.

    of course, environmentalism is a religion, immune from facts or logic…if it makes someone feel better, who cares if it makes friggin’ sense…?!?

    here’s an idea, instead of giving other people’s tax dollars away on counterproductive stupidity like this, why don’t we just let them keep it…?


    p.s. – i bet you’re regretting the day i discovered your blog, aren’t you…?

  • sonya says:

    Actually no. I agree with you on that. Plus, who wants to buy an American made car? Not me!!! The more I thought about it, the less I wanted it. haha

  • Don says:

    If you wait long enough, there won’t be any “American” companies left to buy from. 😉 That will make the choice easy.

  • or it can be a GE or HP product that is not even close to American made anyway

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