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This special edition of the podcast is with myself and Matt Ewonus. I raced the Transsylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race: a 5 day event in the rocky, dense forests outside State College, PA.

We recorded this special edition while in New York City and were doing a vegan food tour of the city! Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter – I’ll be writing about NYC soon!

Leading up to the event, I had to work on the mental aspect of not feeling prepared for the race. At certain events, I’ve also had instances of getting stuck focusing too much on the outcome rather than the journey or the process. We discuss that topic in this episode.

There was a lot of adversity and challenges in the few days leading up to the race including travel challenges and I had a huge cooking accident causing blistered 2nd degree burns all over my upper body.

I had to put it all behind me on race day. What happened surprised me. Despite less than ideal training an preparation for the event due to other (fun) life and work circumstances, I didn’t expect to have the fitness that I actually had. I ended up with the leaders jersey, getting 2nd on the Enduro stage on my XC bike which was another unexpected outcome, and I was actually having fun while doing it.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and a stroke of awful luck took me from winning the race to walking and riding a spectator’s bike with flat pedals and reflectors to the finish line.

How do you process the thoughts around when bad things happen out of your control? Find out more in this episode!

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