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Spin it out

By February 26, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Yesterday the sun was out and the winds weren’t too bad. Mark Harrison and I went out for an easy to moderate spin for 1.5 hours. We headed north toward through the farmlands on the flats and also hit up some gravel. The grass was a golden wheat color which was a great contrast to the bluebird skies.



I can’t wait to get my Topeak Ergon kits. Only a few more weeks.

I can’t leave out gravel. It’s a part of almost all my rides!


Mark’s Bicycling blog is cool b/c it maps out all these different rides. I was headed out to ride the new Picture Rock trail(which I shamefully have not ridden yet) via the Heil/Hall system today, but my body was still too fatigued from Tuesday. Instead, I did an easy 2 hour spin and headed home. Better luck tomorrow. It was CRAZY windy today too! Sustained wind of 30 mph with gusts up to 70 mph.

And a funny for you:

I get to spend some more time with friends this weekend. Mr. Kerkove is in Indianapolis for the Handmade Bicycle Show. Wish I could have gone!! Thanks for stopping by!


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