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Would you spray paint your bike?  Emily Kachorek does.  Maybe you’ve seen a blur of color, stoke, and little orange creamsicles fly by you on the road or in a Cyclocross Race.  This month, I’ve been focusing on entrepreneurs, and I was intrigued by Emily because she thinks outside the box.  Not only is she creative and learned how to run a successful business, but she has her Master’s in Biology and was a Professional Road Racer on the US National team.

Tired of road racing scene, she put away the bike for awhile.  Inevitably, she rekindled her love of riding through commuting and found cyclocross.  Intrigued by new people, experiences, skills, and places, she jumped right in.

Emily’s vision for Squid started by wanting to be visible.  She designed her own kit and ended up adding her own custom spin to her bike. “My bike was painted this school bus yellow color and had this neon vibe going…. so I went to the hobby store down the street and got a bunch of sheet of neon vinyl.”

From there, she took her knowledge of the bike industry, her marketing prowess and understanding of how to bring value to a brand and applied it to bikes.  Squid Bikes was born.  The bikes are raw aluminum and buyers get to add their own personality using spray paint and fun graphics.  The buyer spray paints their own bike!

“You’re just out there and you’re vulnerable…having the self-confidence to accept failure and not really care what other people think if it’s genuine to who you are and what you’re about and what you love.”  -Emily Kachorek

This show is co-hosted with my friend, Brian Kennedy.  Here’s his YouTube Channel (BKXC) and the episode we recorded where I interviewed him!

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Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Racing in China
  • The Travel Experience of China
  • Why Cyclocross?
  • Inspiration for Squid Bikes
  • How to Spray Paint a Bike
  • where the name Squid came from


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