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Doug Evans and sprouts have a few things in common.  They are both super healthy and both contain an incredible amount of potential energy.  Doug has used his energy for so many incredible life projects- from building incredible businesses in the health space to becoming an author about one of the most impactful nutritional powerhouses on the planet: the power of Sprouts.  Many of us are interested in harnessing the benefits of eating more plants and I have a secret for you- sprouts are about as nutritionally dense with nutrients as you can get.  They have about 20-30x the nutrients of other vegetables!

One thing that is easily agreed on no matter what diet or lifestyle you enjoy, everyone loves the nutritional benefits of sprouts. They are also incredibly easy. If you listening to my episode with Stephen Ritz from the GreenBronxMachine, you heard about the incredible impact on marginalized communities from indoor gardening and involving kids. Sprouts are insanely simple to grow – they are cheap, very easy, require minimal effort, and can grow anywhere!  In fact, my growing interest in sprouting lead me to one of our great podcast sponsors: Sproutman. I was looking for seed companies with organic, non-GMO seeds with a 95%+ germination rate. I was also looking to make it as easy as possible. Sproutman was it and they’ve been around since 1977 with great down-to-earth people.  I got their salad bags which are small hemp bags. I gave it a try with their salad mix and put 4 tablespoons of seeds into the sack.  Here’s how you do it in a seedshell: sterilize the bag in boiling water, soak your seeds in the bag in a bowl of water overnight, rinse the bag for 30 seconds twice a day and just let it hang in your kitchen… and a few days later you have more sprouts than you can eat!

Believe it or not, sprouts are packed with omega-3s, protein, vitamin C, iron and so much more!  Doug’s book, The Sprout Book, takes you on a journey all about why and how sprouts are gamechangers to health, society, and has a lot of information from medical experts.  He also goes into detail on how to sprout different types of seeds and how to grow a sprout garden in a very small corner of your kitchen.  There are also a ton of recipes on how to use sprouts and add them to what you’re already eating.  So let’s get into how you can up your nutritional game with the very simple act of growing and eating sprouts.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Attitude/perspective and equanimity
  • What is a sprout?
  • Are sprouts healthy?
  • Nutritional density
  • How to actually sprout and how easy it is
  • Sprouts vs. shoots vs microgreens
  • Variety of sprouts
  • How to deal with gas and sprouted legumes
  • Are sprouted bread products good?

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The best organic non-GMO sprouting seeds are Sproutman!  They’ve been in business since 1977.





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