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Start Where You Are

By March 22, 2022May 30th, 2023No Comments

Start where you are.  We always have expectations or comparisons of where we think we should be.  Sometimes expectations of where we think we should be will even stop us from getting started. For example, maybe you want to sign up for your first bike event, but you haven’t gotten on the bike for awhile.  For some people, the fear of not being very good and not wanting to start from a more humbling place to build from will stop them for getting started at all.

Start where you are.  Don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle… or even compare where you are with where you wish you would be.  You’ll likely always wish for more.  I catch myself always wishing for more.  I’ve addressed the issue of the happiness horizon (I’ll be happy when…) in previous newsletters and podcasts.

All we have is our energy and our effort today, in the present moment. What we did in the past or what we hope to do in the future do matter, but we have show up and do our best with what we have today.  This is a constant reminder with a newborn and toddler at home in the last week. I can have all the hopes and expectations in the world for “what I’ll get done” (in quotes because my expectations are way too high).  All I can do is my best for today, start where I am today. That goes for anything I’ve ever done. That goes for my build back into racing this summer. And I’m sure you can find some parallels to things you are working on too!

Start where you are. It’s effort and attitude that define your character.  We got this! 

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