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Steph Gaudreau’s mission in life is to help build unbreakable humans.  Her calling is to help women build stronger bodies and minds is what drives all of her work.  From her incredibly powerful instagram posts of over 200k followers to her best selling books, she creates meaningful content to help people change for the better.

Steph is well-versed in creating changes in life.  She walked away from a secure 12 year teaching career to pursue food blogging in the Paleo world.  The diet helped her get off sugar and processed foods and she started eating healthier. She also transitioned from an 8 year span as an endurance athlete to squatting and lifting heavy weight in the gym.  After building an impressive empire, thousands of recipes, and an identity in the Paleo world, she shifted once again.

What is Steph up to now?  She recently decided that diet doesn’t need to be limited to a label, and is finding a new definition of nutrition as a holistic nutrition coach.  She has a book coming out next year that covers her four pillars: Eat nourishing foods, Strengthen your body Recharge your energy, and Get your mindset right .  We barely scratched the surface of Steph’s wheelhouse.  As a business person and brand, I am inspired by the work she does.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Importance of transparency and vulnerability online
  • Why body type can make fitting into a sport feel hard
  • Cultivating a positive body image
  • Changing habits is about adding in healthier foods, not restriction
  • How Steph grew comfortable and shifted her identity and business
  • Steph’s Four Key Pillars for Health

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