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Still cooling my jets

By February 4, 2009No Comments

We have had impeccable weather in the Denver area all week long. I haven’t been able to do any big rides, but I have been able to get out for about an hour and a half a day to take it all in.

My body is slowly recovering from illness, but I am not quite there yet. The last 2 days were a HUGE improvement from Sunday, but alas, the fatigue monster has not let me out of his clenches and I am still running about one zone too low for my perceived effort on the bike and my legs feel like they are full of lactic acid. I am leaving for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo in one week’s time, so hopefully I’m jamming by then.

I have bumped into some good friends this week out on the bike – Adam Hoppe, Judy Freeman, Nick Stevens, and Sean Madsen so lucky me!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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