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Still snowing….. :(

By January 21, 2007One Comment

Fortunately for you, the snow means I have extra time to work on my blog. I’m still working on it, but this will satiate you for awhile. 🙂 Well… it is STILL snowing here in Boulder, CO. This is pretty much the worst winter Boulder has seen in a very long time. Which means…. MORE trainer time. YES! It’s better than freezing and being miserable outside. At least if I’m miserable inside, I don’t have to be bundled up, my core temperature is actually warm, and I can take breaks if need be.

My friend Lara sent me this book to read- The Alchemist. I’m about halfway through. It’s a great book if anyone is looking for a winter read.

Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of the sun and summer, and riding on singletrack in the mountains. That’s what I daydream about while on the trainer….that and trying to hammer some bitches at the races 🙂

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